Thai Marriage Registration

When you get married in Thailand you have many options when it comes to the Thai marriage registration process. Many wish to get married in a traditional Thai wedding in the village where their wife came from while others prefer a more exotic twist to the marriage nuptials. Some opt for a beach wedding on Samui or a sunset wedding in Phuket. There are many marriage locations in Thailand be they Christian weddings or a more traditional Thai wedding.

Thai Marriage Registration

Note that the wedding ceremony performed by it a Christian wedding or a Thai wedding, these are not Thai Marriage Registrationlegally binding and need to be registered before the marriage becomes legally binding. Another note about Thailand compared to the West. In Thailand you don’t even have to have wedding nuptials. If you meet someone and wish to marry them you simply need to start the legal process (which starts at your Embassy) and you end up at the District Office to register your marriage.

It might sound strange however in Thailand the process is much easier and simpler. The same goes with divorce.  Most divorces in Thailand never see court as people tend to settle their issues with divorce agreement and then simply file the documents with the District Office also called the Amphurs Office in Thailand.

Getting married or divorced in Thailand tends to be simply enough and should not cost you an arm and a leg. Most expats and foreigners tend to hand the process over in Thailand to a law firm to register the marriage, their prenuptial agreement and apply for the Australian visa when completed.

Thai Marriage Registration

On this website there is an article on the requirements for marriage registration in Thailand which most people meet however it gives you a good overview of the Thai legal system. In order for your marriage to be legally binding and meet Australian laws. Your marriage in Thailand needs to meet these requirements. The Thai marriage registration is recognised in all countries around the world. However you would have to have the marriage certificate translated into English for use back in Australia. This is normally done by a law firm for you if they are going to apply for an Australian spouse visa for you.

The process for marriage registration in Thailand starts at the Australian Embassy in Bangkok. You will need to ask them for a pro-forma Statutory Declaration. This freedom to marry will be issued to you and it needs to translated. Then verified by the Thai Foreign Affairs department and then taken to the Thai District Office for registration. The marriage certificate will then be issued.

Note that after the marriage certificate has been issued. That you can now apply for a 12 month Thai marriage visa. Then have your current visa converted at Thai immigration. You can also now apply for an Australian Spouse visa with this certificate. Once it has been translated into English for the Australian Embassy in Bangkok.

Speak to a lawyer in Thailand for more information and assistance when getting married. Prenuptial agreements in Thailand also have to be registered with the marriage.

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