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Choosing the right law firm

Bangkok is undeniably one of Thailand’s most important key cities owing to its appeal to foreigners whether for business or tourism purposes. The continuous influx of foreign tourists in Thailand has triggered the growth and development of the island’s major industries such as  tourism and real-estate business.

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Australian Visa for Thai

The modern allure for many Thai nationals of the Land Down Under has over the years propelled the influx of Thai nationals and others to Australia for either academic, employment or other settlement opportunities. Thai nationals are among the visa nationals – or nationalities that are required of a visa to enter Australia. Always take legal advice when applying for an Australian visa for a Thai national.

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Foreign Visa in Thailand

Whether it’s a tourist visa or settlement visas to the US, UK, Australia and Schengen countries, it’s important to be familiar with the visa application requirements and procedures to be able to obtain a foreign visa from Thailand  with flying colors. Enlisting the services of foreign visa experts is a good way of ensuring the success of your foreign visa application.

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Australian Child Visa for Thai

There are three types of Children Visas for Australia. These are the Child visa (subclass 802), there is also the Child visa (subclass 101) and the more common one in Thailand being the Dependent Child visa (subclass 445). When dealing with minor children, always consult an attorney in Thailand for advice and guidance. The following is a brief explanation of the visas. See the GAM website for information on an Australian visa for a Thai girlfriend.

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