Speak about the foreign visa in Thailand. Whether it’s a tourist visa or settlement visas to the US, UK, Australia and Schengen countries, it’s important to be familiar with the visa application requirements and procedures to be able to obtain a foreign visa from Thailand  with flying colors. Enlisting the services of foreign visa experts is a good way of ensuring the success of your foreign visa application.

Foreign Visa in Thailand

As you might know that the rejection rate in Thailand for foreign visas are very high. These tend to be mainly the tourist or visitors visas for foreign countries.

US Visa from Thailand

One of the most common applications in Thailand is the US Tourist Visa as well as the US K1 Visa from Thailand as well as the US K3 Visa from Thailand. Many of these are rejected either because of incorrect documents or a criminal record check which has failed. More commonly it is also a previous overstay of a US visa which is not uncommon. A US Visa denial in Thailand as stated is not uncommon for these reasons.

UK Visa for a Thai

There are a number of options for a UK visa for a Thai in Thailand. The most common tends to be a UK Fiancee visa and the UK Spouse visa. The student visa is not as popular. Note that many of the UK visas do get rejected if your fiancee or spouse had overstayed a visa in the UK before. Of note is that even though gay marriage in Thailand is not recognised you might need to speak to an attorney in Thailand about a partner visa for a Thai.

Australian Visa for a Thai

If you are married to a Thai national then you can apply for take your Thai wife back to Australia with you on a Australian Visa for a Thai wife or an Australian Visa for a Thai fiancee. These are the most common outside of the Australian student visa. As Thailand and Australia are very close geographically there has been a steady increase in Australian visa applications over the past 10 years in Thailand. Take legal advice on your move to Australia with your Thai partner.

Why choose a foreign visa service?

  • During the first interview they will be able to give you an idea if the visa is possible or not;
  • Language is a major issue in Thailand as the level of English is low when collecting documents;
  • If filling in forms and red tape is not your forte then hand it over to someone who can do it;
  • The legal fees is normally lower than the cost of overturning a visa denial.

Always take proper legal advice when you are going to be dealing with immigration matters in Thailand. The visa denial is not only costly but also very stressful when it does occur.