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Australian Visa for Thai

The modern allure for many Thai nationals of the Land Down Under has over the years propelled the influx of Thai nationals and others to Australia for either academic, employment or other settlement opportunities. Thai nationals are among the visa nationals – or nationalities that are required of a visa to enter Australia. Always take legal advice when applying for an Australian visa for a Thai national.

There are a number of Austrlian visas which you can apply for. These are listed as follows:

These are the most common Australian visa applications in Thailand. If you as a Thai national are considering visiting Australia as a Thai national then this is the best place to start with the Australian tourist visa application process. Note also that if you are getting married in Thailand you will need to register the marriage in Thailand. If you are only engaged to a Thai national as an Australian national then you can also take her back to Australia with a fiancee visa for Australia.  Search this website for more information on how best to obtain your Australian visa. When dealing with immigration it is best advised that you use a Thai law firm.

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