Australian Partner Visa for Thai Spouse

The Australian visa for a Thai and which is the right one. If you are married to a Thai or getting married then these are the main issues with getting her to Australia. Are you married? If you are married and completed the marriage registration then she can apply for a spouse visa for Australia. The village wedding is only a formality and this is not even needed in Thai law. You simply need to ensure that the marriage is registered with the government. If you decide to live in Thailand then you can do so with a Thai marriage visa. this is an annual 12 month Thai visa which needs to be renewed.

Australian Visa for a Thai

Some people go to Australia on a tourist visa for Australia and then get married. Unlike in America this will not normally be viewed a fraud. With Australia the tourist visa which she has will expire and she will need to return to Thailand in any event. She will then apply for an Australian spouse visa. If she left Thailand on an Australian fiancee visa she would not have needed to return to Thailand after getting married. It saves you financially if you do things in the correct order as there are no shortcuts in the system.

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