Australian Partner Visa for Thai Fiancée

Australian Partner Visa for Thai Fiancée. The Australian spouse visa for Thai is a visa that is intended to those who have plans on marrying their Australian national fiancée. Under this visa category, it is essential that the couple get married. This within the nine months validity of the visa from the date the visa was granted. This type of visa is also known as the Australian Prospective Marriage Subclass 300.

Australian Partner Visa for Thai Fiancée

For this type of visa, the Thai fiancée should have an eligible sponsor. This of which can either be an Australian national or a permanent resident taking full responsibility of all the obligations for sponsoring. Both parties should be of legal age to be eligible for marriage under Australian law, and those aged 16 and below 18 should have a court order from Australia stating the grant of permission to marry the intended spouse. Australian Partner Visa for Thai FiancéeSame-sex couples are eligible to apply for this type of visa as well.

The Thai fiancée is required to enter Australia prior to getting married to the Australian sponsor. This and the visa holder is allowed to exit and re-enter the country as many times as she wants. This considering that it’s within the nine months duration of the visa. The Thai fiancée is allowed to look for work and can also apply for the Australian spouse visa inside the country after getting married to the Australian citizen.

The Thai fiancée is also allowed to study in the country, but is prohibited to access government funding. Although, the Thai fiancée may benefit from the medical and hospital assistance scheme of Australia. Just as long as they are inside the country applying for the Australian Spouse Visa.

Once the Australian Fiancée Visa from Thailand has been granted, your Thai fiancée should be able to enter Australia at least one time prior to getting married. Details regarding the visa validity date and date of entry are all specified once the visa has been issued. The marriage for the couple should be done before the visa expires.