Australian Tourist Visa in Thailand

An Australian Tourist Visa in Thailand allows a Thai national to travel to Australia for the holidays. This type of visa is granted for a duration of 3, 6 or 12 months; issued in either single or multiple entries. You can request the visa duration of 3, 6 or 12 months on your visa application form. This but the visa officer will evaluate and made the decision on the duration will be given to you.

Australian Tourist Visa in Thailand

It would be best for non-regular Asian travelers to obtain the 3-month visa initially; then when the 3 months expires and the visa holder returns to the Thailand on time then can the holder consider applying for the longer visa duration or any other visa type.

Australian Tourist Visa in ThailandApplying for the Australian Tourist Visa in Thailand using an Australian sponsor requires focus in proving that the relationship between the Thai or any foreign woman and his/her sponsor is genuine. The authenticity of your relationship and the commitment are one of the main references of visa applications. The more evidence showed to prove that the relationship is real – the more persuasive the visa application would be.

Also, proof of ties to the home country must be presented by the Thai national. This when applying for the visa, such as employment, assets, bank statements with good savings and travel history to show that she/he will be returning to the Kingdom right after the given duration ends. the purity of her intention of visiting Australia will be carefully evaluated by the visa officer handling the visa application.

Usually, the first visa awarded would be the three month visa. Which allows your Thai partner to travel and experience the cultural difference of Australia. Also to meet your family, friends and experience the weather. Australian Tourist Visa applications are successful based on the presentation and the weight of the documents.