Australian Visa – Documents

The following Australian visa documents would be needed if you are taking your Thai wife or Thai fiancée back to Australia to live with you. There is a full list of the Australian visa documents for you to read and understand. Always take legal advice before you start the immigration process as the required documents might have changed since this was written. The documents between the two applications – fiancée visa for Australia as well as the spouse visa for Australia are not always the same.

Australian Visa Documents

Application for migration to Australia:

Your Thai wife or fiancée would have to complete this form which is the official application form for the Australian visa from Thailand. This has all your basic information such as name, address and age. It also
Australian Visa – Documentstells the Embassy where you are located when you made the application. All basic information such as health as well as family details are required. If your Thai wife or Thai fiancée has children that are not yours then you will also note that they require:

“Certified copies of documents to verify custody and access arrangements, for children under 18 years of age unless it is the child of both the applicant and the sponsor”.

As stated elsewhere on this website that the movement of minor children does become an issue and that proper legal advice in Thailand should be sought if you are taking minor children out of the country which are not yours and your Thai wife or fiancée was previously married. There is another form which needs to be complete for the children on the application form as well.

Sponsorship for a partner to migrate to Australia:

The Australian national being you will need to complete this form as well. Note that if you had been a sponsor in the last 5 years then they might turn down your application. Again you will need to seek legal advice on this as your previous partner might have died. The Australian government has taken many steps to avoid visa abuse and immigration fraud over the years.

Statutory declarations and friends:

In order to ensure that the relationship is genuine. You might also be asked to provide a reference to two people you know that can verify that the relationship is genuine and continuing. As stated above that visa abuse has always been a problem when it comes to immigration to Australia and these are one of the measures to curb it.

Provide evidence of the relationship:

You will have to prove that the relationship is real and ongoing. These included letters, emails and photos. These tend to make up the bulk of the paperwork in the application process. This will also prove that you have met each other face to face. This and that it is not an arrange marriage against the applicants will. You are also going to need to prove that you intend to remain as a couple once entering Australia. If it’s a fiancée visa application. Then a “Notice of Intended Marriage” from the church will also show your intent on getting married in Australia.

These are some of the documents needed for the visa. Visa applications are complex and very difficult. Errors or omissions can create even further costly delays. Always take legal advice from an attorney before you start this process in Thailand.