Health Requirements for Visa

You will need to meet the health requirements for visa while in Thailand. If you are in Thailand then it might be best to contact an immigration lawyer in Bangkok to assist you with the collection of documents for the visa application process. Most visa denials come from either having submitted the incorrect documents or having failed to file all the paperwork correctly. These delays can cost you more than a year in time and effort. The following documents are normally required however check with an attorney about this.

Health Requirements for Visa

  • 1.       She will need a list of all her vaccinations in Thailand;
  • 2.       She will need to have a medical record of any surgery;
  • 3.       She will require a full medical examination;
  • 4.       She will require a chest X-ray;
  • 5.       If she is pregnant then she will also require hepatitis B testing;
  • 6.       She will require the Embassy referral letter;
  • 7.       She will also have to take her passport and Thai ID card;
  • 8.       She will also need 2 passport photos;
  • 9.       Urinalysis and CXR.

These would be the basic tests for the Australian spouse visa and it takes about 4-5 hours to complete the examination. You will need to speak to a lawyer about what else might be required as the rules for the application does change. Most common problems with the medical examination could be that she has been diagnosed with TB. They might turn down the visa and she will have to apply again once she is cured of the TB.

Health Requirements for Visa

Note that when you go to the hospital that the panel doctor is not the person to decide if any condition you have will be Health Requirements for Visaacceptable under the current guide lines as the panel of doctors at the Embassy will make this ruling. The role of the doctor in Thailand at the hospital is only to record the results of the health examination. Note that the health certificate is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of examination.

Should you decide to opt for a different Australian visa then you can also reuse this health examination for this visa as long as it is in the 12 month period. Let’s for example say that your visa is turned down for whatever reason and you decide to go to Australia then on a skills visa then the medical certificate would still be valid during this period. Again however this is viewed on a case by case bases.

Leaving for Oz does take time and the Australian visa can take up to 12 months to complete. The medical examination and the police clearance check are normally where most of the problems occur. If you have been turned down before or your wife or Thai fiancée has been denied entry before then you will need legal advice as to how to remedy the situation.

See the other issues on this website such as marriage requirements, police clearance as well as the documentation needed for the application process. Note also the section on property in Thailand as well as marriage registration and visa options for Thailand.