Tourist visa to Australia

This is the tourist visa to Australia from Thailand. Planning to visit Australia? Going on for a holiday means planning, knowing what to do, where to go and how to do it. Every detail is important, knowing what you can do and not do, your limitations for the travel is necessary.

Tourist visa to Australia

These are some important things you must know.

– The type of visa to apply

– Australian Visa Requirements

– Restrictions while in Australia

– As well as the conditions of your visa

There are different types of visa in Australia. You might want to travel to Australia for holidays, sightseeing, for recreation, for visiting family and friends, for business or for medical treatment and even just for a transit, as a Thai national, you must have a valid Australian visa. Note that you must not take your Thai wife or Thai girlfriend to Australia on a tourist visa to stay. You need to apply for the correct visa such as an Australian fiancee visa or an Australian spouse visa. Anything else might be viewed as immigration fraud.

Once an application has been made and submitted, the visa decision would depend on several aspects which would not be limited to you, as the applicant and your purpose of visit. But, it will be reviewed as a whole, depending on your circumstance in Thailand, financial status, the length of your stay, the purpose of your stay and your ties to your home country. Speak to a law firm in Thailand for more assistance.

A self-sponsored tourist visa application requires the applicant to show sufficient evidence that he/ she is able to maintain and support oneself in the duration of the stay in Australia.

Tips on requirements:

– Strong ties in Thailand such as proof of employment or a running business in Thailand.

– Additional assets such as any properties in a form of a home, a car or the like.

– Financial stability by providing bank statements.

– Accommodation in Australia such as hotel reservations or a letter of accommodation from a friend or family

If the applicant has a sponsor, may it be a boyfriend, girlfriend or family, then the visa application will be assessed through the applicant and also the sponsor. This means that the following must be added into the visa application documents:

– Sponsor’s Identification, such as passport

– Financial status of sponsor: this will be from employment or business together with bank statements.

– Assets in Australia of sponsor: proof of home or leased accommodation or utility bills

Missing a document would mean a visa refusal. It is always best to seek assistance for visa process.


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