Choosing the right law firm

Choosing the right law firm in Thailand. Bangkok is undeniably one of Thailand’s most important key cities. This owing to its appeal to foreigners whether for business or tourism purposes. The continuous influx of foreign tourists in Thailand has triggered the growth and development of the island’s major industries such as  tourism and real-estate business.

Choosing the right law firm

As the country continuously develops, more investors are likely to come and partake in the rat race and more tourists will arrive to enjoy the island’s many attractions. As you come to partake in the economic benefits of conducting business in the island, ensure the protection of your interests through hiring the services of a qualified Thai law firm to assist you.

Choosing the right law firmWhether you are foreigner wishing to establish a business in Thailand or whether you wish to come to Thailand for work, holiday, retirement or live here long term, you would need the assistance of a lawyer to walk you through the legal processes of doing business in Thailand and other relevant issues such as long term stay, Thai labor laws and the like.

It may be prudent to choose the right law firm to assist you considering the many number of legal offices in the island willing to offer their services. But, are they qualified to carry out the work for you? Or are there legal fees reasonable? Some of the basic questions that you should consider.



Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right law firm in Phuket to assist you.


Use a registered law firm

not an agency on the street to take care of your legal needs – This has to be a logical decision for an astute businessman.  While you may need to pay higher service fee in a law firm, you can be sure that things are being taken care of legally.  A good law firm should have professional staff who speak both Thai and English.


Look for a licensed Thai attorney

who is experienced in the legal service that you require.  A licensed lawyer in Thailand  is one who passed the bar exam and can represent a client in the court. In order to be able to notarize a document, a lawyer needs to have accomplished notarial service in Thailand seminar to be qualified to do so. This is after passing the bar exam. Most importantly the lawyer has to be professional and shall be able to speak in English fairly. See also the Australian fiancee visa from Thailand.


Canvas Service fees

Some law firms impose ridiculous fees. These are the ones who spend much in advertisements. Avoid them at all costs because they will rip you off. The best way to do it is to send emails to various law firms. These (of the same range ideally the small and medium law firms) and compare their pricing. You will be shocked that one law firm is charging double or triple. That of the other firm for the same service that you require.

With law firms in Thailand abound but the challenge is to find the right law firm to represent you. The above basic advice is recommended when looking for legal help. This in Phuket or in Thailand in general to ensure that you get the best of help.