Australian Family Visa

You can now apply for an Australian family visa from Thailand. There are a limited amount of family visas available each year from the Australian government. The main family visas tend to be the Carer visa which allows a family member to move to Australia to look after a permanently ill relative. There are also the Remaining Relative and Aged Dependent Relative visa categories. These visas tend to be based on priorities.

Australian Family Visa

For the year 2015-2016 Migration Program from the Australian government they will now only issue 500 of these visas for the period. These visas fall into the “Other Family category” for immigration. The government has decided that the priority for the period should be the carer visa as it is deemed to be more appropriate for an aging population. The processing times for these visas tend to be very long.

Australian Family Visa

Carer visa (subclass 116):

The visa as explained above is based on a priority bases and there is a long queue for these other family visas. The purpose of this visa is as follows:

  • 1.  The person needs to care for a relative in Australia with a permanent medical condition; or
  • 2.  The person needs to assist a relative with care who has a permanent medical condition.
  • 3.  You cannot find assistance from welfare, hospital, nursing or community services in Australia

These applications are very complex and the person who falls under the carer visa will have to have a medical certificate as well as a criminal record check.

Sponsor Requirements 

These permanent conditions where there is no assistance available would be for such illnesses as Alzheimer disease. It is permanent and long term care which is very costly. The requirements for this visa are as follows:

  • 1.       The applicant has a relative who needs assistance with a permanent medical condition;
  • 2.       The applicant has arranged an assessment with Bupa Medical Visa Services;
  • 3.       The applicant is the last person as there is no one else in Australia to provide the care;
  • 4.       The sponsor is willing and able to assist your relative;
  • 5.       The sponsor can be sponsored by your relative or their partner.​

There is a reason why this visa is very difficult to obtain. The reason is that the visa allows you to stay in Australian Family VisaAustralia indefinitely as an Australian permanent resident and you can also apply for Australian citizenship (if you are eligible). Note that when you apply for this visa that you have to be outside of Australia.

If you are interest in obtaining a carer visa then speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand about this as it is very complex and you would have to make a very good case for the limited amount of visa slots available. Medical records of the relative which is ill and all documentation showing what has been attempted to get help would need to be proved and documented.