Marriage in Thailand

Marriage in Thailand can become complex. Marrying in Phuket is a dream for most couples. The island’s fabulous beaches and the endless possibilities for marriage ceremonies and honeymoon activities it offers continuously attract love couples around the world to get married in this amazing part of Southern Thailand. Moreover, the island has a lot of wonderful wedding planners who can make your dream wedding come true.

Marriage in Thailand

What more, marriage in Phuket is easy to arrange and Thai marriage is legally binding around the world as long as the marriage is properly registered at the district office or the Amphur.

Marriage under Thai Law

Getting married in Thailand under Thai law entails a rather simple and straightforward procedure. It starts with the marrying couple satisfying the requirements.

Foreign marrying party

  • Affirmation of Freedom to Marry or Declaration of Single Status – the foreigner has to visit his or her embassy in Bangkok to obtain this document. Embassies require some documents for the application so it’s advised that you call your embassy in advance to ask them about it.
  • Passport
  • Divorce Certificate or Spousal Death Certificate – this applies to those who had been married before whose marriages were dissolved either by divorce or death of spouse.

Thai Marrying Party

  • National ID Card/Passport
  • Household Registration Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate or Spousal Death Certificate*
  • Change of Name Certificate in case you have changed your name before

*(this applies to those who had been married before whose marriages were dissolved either by divorce or death of spouse.)

Thai Marriage Process

  1. Obtain your affirmation from your embassy/consulate in Bangkok.*
  2. Have your affirmation translated into Thai.
  3. Bring your translated documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for legalization. **
  4. Go to the district office with your legalized documents to register your marriage. ***

*  Some embassies issue the affirmation on the same day while others takes 2 or 3 days to process.

** This takes 2 days to complete.

*** They will issue you marriage certificates in Thai. Have it translated into English and legalized.

Law Firms in Thailand

A law firm in Thailand will assist you with arranging the legal requirements for your Thai marriage ensuring that all required documents have been obtained, translated and legalized for the actual marriage registration at the district office.

They would normally provide the following services in our Marriage Package:

  • Thorough consultation about the process and requirements of getting married in Thailand
  • Procurement of the Affirmation of Freedom to Marry at your respective embassy in Thailand
  • Translation of the affirmation into Thai
  • Legalization of the translated documents at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Preparation of the marriage papers
  • Registration of the marriage at the local Amphur
  • Translation of the marriage certificates into English
  • Legalization of the translated certificates
  • Mailing/Posting the certificates and their legalized translations to your address

They should also be able to assist with drafting a legally binding Thai Prenuptial Agreement to be registered along with the marriage. Note that once the marriage has been registered then a US K1 Visa from Thailand can be arranged or an Australian visa for a Thai if you are from Australia.

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