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Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand

Prenuptial agreements in Thailand can cover things related to personal and common property of both the husband and wife. It is commonly used to list down personal properties of each spouse, in order to incorporate rights and responsibilities in regards to managing the assets in the duration of the marriage.

Most importantly, the fabrication of a Thai Prenuptial Agreement lowers the risk of legal concerns and Prenuptial Agreement in Thailandreduces lawsuit expenses. It will be utilized as back up document for the divorce process, in making sure that there is a just distribution of the properties between the two spouses.

A Thai prenuptial agreement must be arranged in observation of marriage, and must be written and signed by both spouses. It can contain the calculations on how the common properties are to be distributed upon termination of the marriage. But it should not mention subjects pertaining to child and spousal support.

Nowadays, the creation of a Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand is an option by many couples prior to getting married. You should consider having a Thai Prenuptial Agreement if you fall into any of these categories:

  • –          You own a certain business, or a part of a business.
  • –          You have assets such as stocks, retirement funds and properties.
  • –          You have grandchildren and/or children from past marriage/s.
  • –          You still have loved ones, such as elderly parents, who still need to be taken care of.
  • –          The business is taking off and a huge increase in income is foreseen.
  • –          You may be acquiring some inheritance.
  • –          One of you has more wealth than the other.
  • –          You are pursuing a degree in a highly profitable trade.

Prenuptial Agreements is widely practised in Thailand today, wherein drafting its contingency is fairly more lenient compared to the Western World. Once in its English with Thai translation, your Thai Prenuptial Agreement is acknowledged around the world upon registering it on the time of your marriage registration in Thailand.


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