Registration of Islamic Marriage in Thailand

This is about the registration of Islamic marriage in Thailand. An Islamic marriage takes place in a mosque, the Islamic Center in Thailand is the authorized office which Islamic marriages are being held at. An Islamic marriage certificate will be issued to the couple after the ceremony, and that document will be in English language or also Arabic language if requested. The process for the Muslim marriage only lasts for about an hour or not even two hours the most.

Registration of Islamic Marriage in Thailand

It is necessary that marrying parties knows the documents they would need, also if one party is non-Muslim, it is best to seek assistance and Registration of Islamic Marriage in Thailandarrange someone to handle the conversion process for you, and have them coordinate for the Imam to have the conversion prior to the Muslim marriage.

This process does not take long and the Islamic Center does this process. Once the conversion is done you can have the traditional Islamic ceremony. If in any case your Thai fiancée is Muslim by birth, she should have a letter from her parents approving of the marriage, which has to be presented to the Imam.

Also, prior to the Islamic ceremony, the dowry (or marriage settlement) is discussed with the parents and resolved. If parents are not present. Then both marrying parties should agree as everything will be in written statement and in front of an Imam.The marrying parties should agree and read the agreement. This before the Islamic ceremony begins. The groom repeats the verses to the Imam and does this with one hand on the Holy Koran. Then the Imam will ask the girl if she agrees. The wedding ceremony is ended with the signing of the marriage papers.

Marriage Process

Your Islamic marriage wedding paper will then be released and has to be authenticated at the Thai Foreign Affairs Department. Some Muslim countries require that the Islamic marriage paper be stamped and certified by them. After this, you are now married under Muslim law.

There has been a common misunderstanding about Islamic marriage in Thailand. Many have assumed that this is legal binding and they can stay with their spouses in Thailand. This or in their home countries abroad. Note that this Islamic marriage is only recognized under Muslim law and can be used for migration purposes in Muslim countries.

If ever you wish to use it for long term stay in Thailand. This or in some countries which is not a Muslim country. Then both should go through the process of Thai legal marriage registration. This process will be done at the district office and not at the Islamic Center in Thailand.