Australian Visa Interview

If you are applying for an Australian visa be it a spouse visa or fiancee visa then they can ask you to come in for an interview. This is the dreaded Australian visa interview. When you go in for an interview they will ask you to bring with you your passport (her passport) as well as any documents which are short in the application process. They will normally give you a list of documents which they still need. This is not uncommon when you apply for a visa yourself.

Australian Visa Interview

They will try to see if the marriage or relationship is continuing and that it is a real relationship. They will ask questions which would depend on what you type of visa you have applied for. The following are examples of these types of questions:

Australian Spouse Visa Interview:

  • 1.       When and where did you marry;
  • 2.       How long have you been married;
  • 3.       Where did you meet your husband;
  • 4.       When is your husbands birthday;
  • 5.       What does your husband do for a living;
  • 6.       What is your mother-in-laws name;
  • 7.       What does your mother-in-law do for a living?

For a fiancée visa application you are more likely to get question of lesser depth of questioning as you would not have known each other that long. These questions might be in the line of:

Australian Fiancée Visa Interview:

  • 1.       Where did you meet your fiancée;
  • 2.       How old is your fiancée;
  • 3.       When is his birthday;
  • 4.       What does he do for a living;
  • 5.       How many brothers does he have;
  • 6.       Where in Australia does he live;
  • 7.       When and where are you getting married in Australia?

The questions are examples of what one would expect from people who are applying for a visa. The Australian Visa Interviewmarriage visa is more in depth as you would know each other for longer. To qualify for the spouse visa for Australia you would have to have been married for at least 3 years for the Subclass 300 visa. This would mean that in 3 years she would at least know the more than basic questions.

Speak to a lawyer about your visa application and this will also allow your Thai wife or fiancée to have a dry run with an immigration lawyer in Thailand so that she will not nervous at an interview.

Where there is so much riding on giving a positive impression people do make honest mistakes. Always seek legal advice from a competent lawyer in person.