Changing Visa Application Information

In the event of a changing visa application information, this is how it is done. The Australian spouse visa for a Thai national does take a while to complete as much as the Australian fiancée visa for a Thai national. During this time certain facts might have changed and the Embassy needs to be updated about this. There are a number of instances where facts on the application form has changed. Below are a few of them as an example.

Changing Visa Application Information

If you have changed your address in Thailand or have applied for a new passport then this needs to be reported as an update to your visa application. Note that the address change is only important if it is going to be for longer than 14 days. If you are moving to a new apartment in Thailand then you need to tell them where you live now.

Passport changes also need to be updated if you now have an additional passport. You need to provide them with a certified copy of the bio-data page of this new or additional passport(s). If it is a completely new passport. This can occur if your Thai wife has opted to go back to her maiden surname. There will now be a new passport with a new surname on it.

You will need to provide certified copies of the Bio-data page of the previous Thai passport, new Thai passport and official evidence of name change such as the name change certificate. Note that these would need to be translated and certified as well. These changes each have a separate form for them.

Notification of changes in circumstances:

While you have been awaiting your visa for Australia. Certain changes might have occurred that the Embassy might need to know about. Your Thai wife or Thai fiancée went to Chiang Mai as an example Changing Visa Application Informationand while at the Burmese border for a few days developed a cough and has now been diagnosed with TB.

The Embassy would need to know about this as it is highly transmittable. Note that these change in circumstances can also get you a visa denial. So seek proper legal advice as to what to do. This can be cancelling the application or obtaining treatment while the application is still in process even if it means a delay in granting the visa.

These types of issues you need to speak to a lawyer about as it might have further legal implications should you not have reported it. These updates are important so don’t ignore any of the changes. Note that the Australian government will always send you an acknowledgement letter. This saying “The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is pleased to confirm the receipt of documents you have submitted in support of your partner visa application.” This will be either to you or your lawyer whomever is dealing with the application process.

Immigration is a complicated process and delays and costs mount. This when the application is not done in an orderly fashion where there are errors and omissions. Always seek legal advice first.