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Australian Visa Process

Witness Declaration for Visa

If you are applying for an Australian spouse visa for a Thai or an Australian fiancée visa for a Thai national then you will have to obtain a statutory declaration from two witness who can attest to the fact that your relationship is genuine and that there is no fraud involved. This get to be a bit difficult if you have lived in Thailand for a long time as the rules for the declaration can be interpreted in many ways.

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Health Requirements for Visa

If you are in Thailand then it might be best to contact an immigration lawyer in Bangkok to assist you with the collection of documents for the visa application process. Most visa denials come from either having submitted the incorrect documents or having failed to file all the paperwork correctly. These delays can cost you more than a year in time and effort. The following documents are normally required however check with an attorney about this.

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Police Clearance in Thailand

One of the documents needed for an Australian visa application is a police clearance certificate. This could be for an Australian spouse visa or an Australian fiancée visa for your Thai fiancée or wife. This application needs to be done in Bangkok at the Special Branch police. Note below the documents required for the police certificate to be issued.

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Statutory Declaration – Sponsor

You have to make a statutory declaration when your Thai wife is making an application for an Australian spouse visa. Note that you would have to have registered your marriage in Thailand as well as have the marriage certificate translated into English. The declaration is where you declare under oath that the facts you state are true and correct. This is a brief overview and it is always best to use a lawyer for these applications.

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Australian Visa Interview

If you are applying for an Australian visa be it a spouse visa or fiancee visa then they can ask you to come in for an interview. When you go in for an interview they will ask you to bring with you your passport (her passport) as well as any documents which are short in the application process. They will normally give you a list of documents which they still need. This is not uncommon when you apply for a visa yourself.

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